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An Overview On Libido


Having the capabilities to be sexually intimate with your partner, your husband or wife, is sometimes considered a work of art. Being passionate is a gift in itself that not all people may actually possess. Just like any subject matter, it requires mastery of the lessons. In like manner, you need to know more about why ones sexual desire increases while another person’s intimacy decreases. To know more about all these things, the word LIBIDO has been coined.

Libido originated from a stream of theories. It is defined as sexual desire or drive or intimacy. In Sigmund Freud’s idea, libido is characterized as an event which suddenly intensifies your hunger for love making leading to a decreased feeling of excitement in the end. He even compared it to the way one craves for food and even the process of bowel movement.

What you get in the libido introduction?

Aside from knowing about what libido is about, this chapter is utterly dedicated to other things which will lead you to a better understanding about the concept. We will give you pages which will fill your mind with enough knowledge about the ups and downs of one’s sexual drive. In this chapter we will help you understand:

Different theories on libido. As mentioned awhile back, Sigmund Freud was one of the proponents who conceptualized the term libido. His theory focused on the development of the sexual drive through several stages behind it.Aside from this theory, you will also learn about the alternative theories on how this certain event in human life transpires. You will get a glimpse of how a psychologist in the person of Carl Jung thought about the concept. Know the differences between the extroverts and introverts as to their approach on sexual desire. Find out how it affects their life.

Causes of libido impairment. While a lot of individuals seem to be oozing hot when it comes to making love, there are those who struggle to create a good impression in bed. There are several factors which may be considered for the loss of sexual desire ranging from physical to psychological and emotional. Even lifestyle, medications and the menstrual cycle may have something to do with reduced libido.As you browse along these pages, you will fairly understand why such things happen. You will find out that it is maybe because of stress, depression or childhood sexual abuse. You may also correlate it with endocrine issues and the appearance or body figure of your partner. Yes, sexual desire may also be lost if you are no longer attracted with the body image of your male or female counterparts.

If you want to get your sexual drive back, it pays to look into how you may improve yourself. You need to understand what goes with every problem you are encountering with reduced libido. Do not allow yourself to get lost of the desire totally. You have to make sure you read Sigmund and Jung’s theories to further understand how libido develops as well.

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