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15 Sex Tips


Most men are always looking for new ways to pleasure their woman in bed. I know that I am always looking for new things to do to my special someone. Here we give you 15 great tips on how to improve your sex life. Now you may be wondering who the hell I am? Well I am from the United Kingdom and I am a self confessed love rat. I have bedded over 120 girls at the last count. I am NOT the best looker in the world, in fact you will see some of my pictures dotted around this site. Having great sex is all about what you know, so get a pencil and paper, you won’t want to miss these, all these tips are from my personal experiences.

1. Always bring protection. You should never ever be in a position where you don’t have a condom. You should always have some on hand. If you don’t, you might miss that chance to have sex.

2. Being too aggressive. We don’t want you to zero on their clitoris like you are a laser guided missile. Instead, focus on turning her on. This will do more than running straight for the canal du stinky.

3. Being too relaxed. Women want a little spunk in their guy. They want to know that you are turning them on. Be brisk, but yet not too aggressive. You don’t want to be so aggressive that you scare her away. If when you see her naked, it makes you feel like you haven’t ate in weeks, go take a cold shower and return to the bedroom.

4. Touching too softly. A woman won’t break if you touch her. If you touch her too softly she won’t feel anything. Don’t beat her, but use common sense. If she moans, it feels good, if she kicks you in the nuts, you are hurting her.

5. Don’t have rough fingernails. You should keep your nails trimmed and well kept. A woman doesn’t like you touching her sensensitive areas if you have rough or long fingernails. This could cause small cuts or painful sores.

6. A wondering hand. A woman likes to be felt, but there is a point that you are overdoing it. Feeling her up isn’t a sport, you don’t get points if you can cover the same spot more than once.

7. Only going halfway down. If you are kissing her and leading down to her belly button, don’t stop. This will only frustrate her. Instead, if you aren’t going to go down, then doing head down there! Focus on kissing her instead.

8. Don’t just use your fingers. If you are going down on her, the whole point is to use your mouth too. Don’t just use your fingers. This will keep her begging for more and she will take care of it in the bathroom.

9. No direction. There is nothing worse than having sex with someone who just stares at the ceiling. Get out there and have some fun. You don’t want to sit on the bench when you have worked so hard to score do you?

10. Slapping her ass. Women hate this. Unless you know for a fact this is a turn on, then don’t do it. Women are so consumed with their asses and they always think that it is too fat. Also, this can bring up issues about her past if she was abused as a child.

11. Who is your daddy? Women don’t want to hear this. Some women like role playing in bed, but not this. No woman wants to have sex with a man who is calling himself her father.

12. Did you have an orgasm? If you did, don’t keep it a secret. Women like to know that they pleased their man. Unless they are half dead or drunk, they should be able to figure this one out on their own.

13. You ask her if she had an orgasm. Trust me, you will know if she does. No need to ask.

14. Excuses. Women don’t want to hear why you can’t get it up. Be honest with her, don’t make some lame excuse that she will know is a lie right away.

15. She brings out her sex toy. Don’t be fearful of this! There is no reason to be. Instead, enjoy watching her bring herself to an orgasm. This will be good material later on to keep in your spank bank if you happen to need it.

Sex isn’t tricky. You aren’t building a rocket ship. You need to understand that if you over think it, you will ruin it. Instead, just go with the flow. Don’t follow these to perfection, you will appear to be a nerd. Unless of course, you just got out of your local Star Trek convention.

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