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Best Rated Penis Enlargement Pills of 2018

By Robert Dreyfuss

Penis enlargement pills use a blend of highly potent science-backed natural ingredients to help increase the size and hardness of your erections by increasing the blood flow to your penis.

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Many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. They consider it to be a serious problem that ruins their life.

Their self-esteem drops.

But high self-esteem is very important, especially in the bedroom.

Surgical methods can enlarge a penis by 4 cm. The procedures are performed under regional anesthesia in specialized medical settings.

If the surgery is performed by a professional, there is a minimal risk of complications.

However, perhaps, you should consider home-based penis enlargement techniques before opting for a drastic solution?

They have lower risks and cost less.

Penis enlargement pills cannot compete for efficacy with surgery, but they offer distinct advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Completely safe, since they are 100% natural
  • Increase libido
  • Improve erections
  • Enhance endurance
  • Have a positive influence on a man’s overall health

We have chosen the best pills, guided by the following criteria: safety, ingredients, expert reviews, customer feedback, and price.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Rumours about penis enlargement pills are so common that it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s true. In fact, not all pills work, and some of them are even useless.

When choosing such pills, you should pay attention only to products that contain nitric oxide–boosting ingredients.

Nitric oxide is a chemical compound that acts to relax blood vessels, including those in the penis.

When these vessels relax, they widen and encourage more blood flow to the penis than it usually receives without special pills being taken.

You should realize that penis size will increase only when the penis is erect. This happens because of the increased blood supply.

The size of an enlarged erect penis is sure to improve your sex life, but you should be aware that this effect will not always last very long. If you stop taking the pills, the results will disappear, and the penis will return to its initial size.


Penis Enlargement Pills #1: Male Extra

We rated Male Extra first for its high potential to considerably enhance nitric oxide synthesis in the body.

Since this penis enlargement product has a stimulatory effect on nitric oxide secretion, it intensifies penile blood circulation.

As a result, during an erection, the penis lengthens and becomes thicker.

A bigger erection than usual will guarantee greater satisfaction during sexual intercourse for both the man and his partner.

In addition, Male Extra contains male enhancement ingredients that increase libido and stamina.

It’s a reasonable choice for men who want a larger erect penis and want to boost their sex drive without putting their health at risk.

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Dr. Robert Stanley

The action of penis enlargement pills is targeted on the corpora cavernosa which is the sponge-like areas of erectile tissue available in the penis. These pills make the corpora cavernosa keep a larger amount of blood in the penis.

This effect is very important during sexual arousal when the blood flows to the corpora cavernosa and causes a hard erection.

Once you complete penis enlargement course, the dilation capacity of penile blood vessels located in the corpora cavernosa will increase.

So, the amount of blood that usually fills the penis during erection will also increase. And as a result, the penis in its erect state will become both longer and thicker.



#2 VigRX Plus

penis pills

VigRX Plus is one more highly effective product known for its ability to enhance sexual potency in men.

Each active substance available in the formula was thoroughly investigated to prove its potential to fix erectile function.

The product is absolutely safe for men.

It contains the active substances, such as Damiana, Epimedium Leaf Extract, and Muira Pauma.

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#3 ProSolution:

ProSolution is another innovative product intended for male enhancement.

The supplement has a strong influence on libido in men.

The availability of Momordica, Butea Superba, and Solidilin in the product formula gives this pleasant effect.

Drilizen which is also found in these penis enlargement pills intensifies penile blood circulation.

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I have an average size penis. Is it normal that I want to enlarge it and change its shape?

The desire to enlarge an average size penis is as natural as the desire to build more muscle mass and improve physical capabilities. Since ancient times, people from all over the world set a high value on the penis size.

Thus, in ancient Greece and Rome, the phallic worship existed. And a big, aesthetically ideal penis embodied virility, prosperity, strength, and power. These views and traditions are embedded into the thinking of the modern men.

Some men think that their penis is far from the ideal penis which they imagine. Or it may not resemble the penis they saw in the magazines, the porn movies or a gym changing room. That’s why it’s no coincidence that many modern men want to have a more impressive and a bigger manhood when it is in the flaccid state.

The desire to increase the erect penis size is most frequently determined by the peculiarities of the partner’s sexuality.

The matter is that many women get maximum pleasure when the head of penis touches the cervix during sex. That’s why women prefer quite long penises. The other women have an orgasm from the stimulation of the inner vaginal lips and clitoris. These women often want their partners’ penis to be thicker.

As for the men, many of them get more pleasure from sex if their partners reach a brighter and more intense orgasm.

There is no secret that many family conflicts happen because of sexual problems. And often, the hidden women’s sexual dissatisfaction is caused by the displeasure with their partners’ penis size. So, regardless of the reason which makes the man to enlarge his penis, this desire is absolutely normal. And most important, this desire can be fulfilled.

And though the efficacy of penis enlargement surgeries is now not very high and they are accompanied with numerous complications, you can yet undergo such a surgical procedure if you are not afraid of obvious risks. These risks include penis deflection, penile instability during the erection, and loss of penile sensitivity which can be permanent and remain for the lifetime.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

Safety aspect really matters when it comes to the choice of penis enlargement pills. Thus, you can feel certain of the pills’ safety only if you choose all-natural products.

Also, it’s necessary to check the dosages of each ingredient present in a particular product. The ingredients’ dosages shouldn’t exceed the recommended daily allowance. Don’t forget to read and follow the user guidelines given on the product label.

Avoid the pills from non-reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Such pills often contain undefined ingredients, often the illegal ones, which are not mentioned on the label.

They also contain unknown amounts of each ingredient. This may be very dangerous to your health.

If you have any medical conditions, especially if you are currently treating them with the use of prescription drugs, you should ask for the expert opinion of the healthcare provider. The doctor will tell you whether the male enhancers are suitable for you.

Male Extra contains well-researched active substances and underwent clinical trials, confirming the high efficacy and safety of the supplement itself. Click here to read the product review.


Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

To prevent any mistakes which can make the intake of the pills ineffective, it’s advisable to consider some important do’s and don’ts. Make certain that you:

Do Remember about the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Each manufacturer usually provides own intake recommendations which the customers should strictly adhere to. For example, some pills have to be taken 2 times per day, while the others require 3-time intake daily. Also, some pills should be used with respect to the timing of food you consume (before, during or after meals), while others not.

So, never underestimate the information given on the label. This will help you fully feel the power of pills you take and achieve the most satisfying results.

Do Drink Much Water

Any supplementation should be accompanied with the adequate water consumption. If your
body lacks precious liquids, the digestion and absorption of the ingredients available in the pills considerably worsen.

That’s why dehydration is inadmissible when you take penis enlargement pills. Drink much water during the day to enhance the effects of the pills you use.
But be careful and:

Don’t Take a Few Brands Simultaneously

Once you have started using a particular pill brand, it’s strongly not recommended to use another brand(s) at the same time. Don’t think that in such a way you will reach your goals faster and easier.

In this case, the supplementation effect may be the opposite of the effects which you would like to have. The matter is that the interaction of a few pills may lead to the adverse reactions.

Also, such combination will not allow you to understand which supplement really works and which is useless. If you wish to appraise the product efficacy, use it alone to determine where it suits you.

Don’t Combine Non-Prescription Pills with Prescription ED Drugs

The worst mistake you can do is to complement the intake of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs with male enhancement supplementation.

Almost all supplements widen blood vessels to promote the erect penis growth and ensure a higher quality of erections. But the prescription drugs which are used to cure the impaired erectile function also dilate blood vessels. This may lead to catastrophic life-threatening consequences such as a dramatic fall in blood pressure.

If you should take a prescription drug, consult the healthcare professional to get to know whether it’s possible to find a non-prescription alternative.

Is Penis Enlargement Cream Better Than Pills?

The experience has proven that the use of pills is much more effective and convenient than the application of penis enlargement cream.

When you take pills according to the specified dosage, you are guaranteed to get the results you expect without any problems.

However, the situation changes when you apply cream. It’s common for creams to be smeared on the men’s clothes. In this case, the effectiveness of cream substantially decreases. This also causes many inconveniences.

Even if you have never suffered from skin allergies, it doesn’t mean that you will not have the allergic reaction after the use of cream. And the application of cream increases the risk of allergy. It’s difficult to deny that it’s very unpleasant to have a penile rash. Moreover, such a cream can cause the allergy or skin irritation in your partner.

So, the greatest penile blood supply stimulation and, hence, a stronger erection is possible only after the intake of pills.

Arginine for Penis Enlargement

Arginine is one of the most important ingredients available in penis enlargement pills.

L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid which is required for protein synthesis. This amino acid is produced in the body of an adult human.

Now, it is widely used as a powerful ingredient in the realm of penis enlargement supplements. The matter is that this ingredient gives a boost to nitric oxide production in the man’s body. This effect of L-arginine is scientifically confirmed.[1]

Athletes also highly appreciate it since it’s known for its ability to improve sports performance. It’s possible to greatly enhance the effects of L-arginine by combining it with citruline. In addition, this amino acid plays a significant role in the formation of creatine.

It’s a one more crucial nutrient used to improve male potency and get better sports results. The lack of L-arginine may negatively affect the neuromuscular functions and, therefore, worsen the person’s quality of life.

In Which Way Does L-Arginine Increase Penis Size?

This amino acid is irreplaceable for the production of nitric oxide molecules. If L-arginine intake is sufficient, nitric oxide synthesis also increases. If the levels of this chemical substance grow, blood circulation, especially penile one, improves. This is how L-arginine makes the penis enlarge. The mechanism of amino acid action is science-backed.

The amino acid intensifies blood circulation in muscles. And the penile smooth muscles are not an exception. If the penis is better filled with blood, the erections become much stronger.

Main L-Arginine Effects that Promote the Increase in Penis Size

Being required for the occurrence of nitric oxide molecules, L-arginine has a positive influence on blood circulation, widens blood vessels, and is responsible for smooth muscle relaxation.

The amino acid accelerates the process of healing after the completion of penis enlargement routine.


L-arginine improves blood supply to the muscles which undergo stimulation and activation. In particular, it stimulates penile smooth muscles. Blood supply to soft tissue also increases.[2]

Is It Advisable to Use L-Arginine?

L-arginine belongs to the most frequently and reasonably advisable products intended for the purposes of enhancing male potency and increasing penis size. Numerous studies gave evidence that this supplement is really effective for penis enlargement. Sportsmen use this product to improve blood circulation.

Male Extra contains a large amount of L-arginine – 600 mg for the daily intake. Click here to read the product review.


Consult Your Doctor

If you have an intention to use any penis enlargement pills, you have to firstly ask for the healthcare provider’s expert opinion. The doctor can recommend you really well-working legal supplements. In addition, the doctor will consider your past medical history before advising penis enlargement pills.

You may think that you will only waste time trying to find a trustworthy doctor and visiting him or her. But in such a way, you will protect your health and life against undesirable and dangerous consequences of taking unknown or doubtful pills.

Penis Extenders and Penis Pumps – What Is the Best Choice

The penis enlargement industry is now rapidly developing. That’s because the number of men wishing to enlarge penis is not decreasing. Nature gave a big penis not to everyone. And if you are not among those lucky men who are not afraid of the moment when the partner sees their penis for the first time you have probably thought about the penis enlargement.

Of course, most men give preference to non-surgical methods of increasing penis size. That’s because these methods are pain-free and have no side effects. Fortunately, the choice of penis enlargement systems can meet a demand. Among these devices, it’s possible to distinguish penis extenders and penis pumps. Let’s find out what these devices are and which advantages they offer to make the smartest choice.

Penis Extenders

Penis extender is a device intended to make the penis grow by stretching it. Such extenders enjoy great popularity among the customers who are not satisfied with the penis length.

The mechanism of this device action is based on the use of traction force. This force contributes to the multiplication of penile tissue cells. As a result, the penis lengthens.

The penis extenders have the following advantages:

  • Excellent efficacy. These devices provide the best results comparing to the other non-invasive penis lengthening systems. The extenders allow men to enlarge both flaccid and erect penis.
  • Scientific evidence. According to different clinical trials, the stretchers really have a perfect potential to enlarge the penis. The enlargement may reach 1 inch in a month.
  • Safety. It’s a well-established fact that the penis stretchers are completely safe if the users adhere to all the usage guidelines given by the manufacturer.
  • Unlimited duration of use. Even after the 6-month use of the device, it’s still possible to continue lengthening sessions.
  • Permanent results. Since the penis enlargement is caused by cell division, the inches you get will not disappear.
  • High level of comfort. Wearing and using the device, you will feel no inconvenience. It’s even possible to use it outside the house since it’s not visible under the clothes.
  • Correction of penis curvatures. There are the devices which help cope with the issue of curved penis. Some extenders may even treat Peyronie’s disease.

The reliable penis lengthening devices eliminate the necessity for cosmetic surgery. They can implement the boldest dreams of men with regard to their penis size. These devices may even exceed your penis length expectations. However, the use of any penis stretcher requires much dedication and patience.

Penis Pumps

Penis pump is a device developed to make the penis both thicker and longer. Such a pump is often used to tackle the issue of erectile dysfunction.

There are hydro penis pumps and vacuum penis pumps. The vacuum pumps have got the approval from the FDA. The air-based pumps had only air inside the vacuum chamber. But in the water-based pumps, water replaces air. It’s very convenient to use hydro penis pumps when you take a shower or bath.

The penis pumps work by generating vacuum pressure inside the device cylinder.  Under this pressure, the penis is sucked into the cylinder. The higher suction force is the more blood it makes flow to the penile blood vessels. Due to this, the penis becomes bigger. And the men regain their ability to have strong erections.

The list of the pumps’ advantages is as follows:

  • Very quick results. When using a pump, you will experience almost immediate erect penis enlargement. However, these results are temporary. You will have the bigger penis only when you use the device.
  • Short time of use. There is no need to use the pump for hours in order to get the penis length and girth enough for satisfying sex.
  • Increased thickness. It’s possible to achieve the permanent increase in penis thickness if you use the device on a daily basis for a long time.
  • Improvement of erectile function. The penis pumps give a boost to the erectile function in men because of the fast intensification of penile blood circulation.
  • High quality of erections. Soon after you apply the penis pump, you will be able to attain and sustain a rigid erection. It will last long enough in order you could have a sexual intercourse.
  • Less expensive. Comparing to the penis extenders, the penis pump is a cheaper option. Such a device will help you not only increase the size of your erect penis, but also save your money.

What to Choose

Depending on mechanism of action and your own requirements, it’s possible to choose the most suitable penis enlargement system. If the penis length is crucial for you, the penis extender will give you what you want. If you try to find a solution for erectile dysfunction problem or wish to increase the penis girth, the penis pump is the optimal choice for you.

Both options are easy to use and enable the men to achieve incredible results. In addition, regardless of the type of device you choose, you will not need to use the services of cosmetic surgeons. And the most important thing is that you can purchase both extender and pump and use them by turn if you wish. It’s also possible to successfully combine the use of these devices with the other methods which help enhance male sexual activity.

You should get used to any penis enlargement device step by step. Firstly, the enlargement sessions have to be short. Then you can gradually increase the duration of use. This is required in order to prevent injuries. Also, don’t forget that only strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions can guarantee your safety.

All the penis enlargement systems give you a great chance to boost your self-esteem and improve your bedroom performance.

Is Surgery Helpful for Male Virility?

The list of male genital surgical procedures is as follows:

Penis elongation surgery

Penis lengthening surgery implies the ligament release. As a result, the ligament no longer holds the penis which becomes detached from the pubis. Then a skin graft helps make the penis longer.

It’s actually possible to elongate the penis by approximately 2 cm. However, it refers only to the flaccid penis length. The erect penis length will not change. After the surgical procedure, the ligament will not perform its functions well. That’s why the erections may be not as strong as you expect.

This surgical procedure can also make sex painful.

Penile girth enhancement surgery

This doubtful surgical method enables men to enlarge the penis width with the help of fat injections in the penis. The fat for this procedure is transferred from different parts of the body.

There is some scientific evidence that extra penis girth may vary from 1.4 to 4 cm. But the patients often suffer from postsurgical complications, which include cicatrization, deformation, inhomogeneity, and infection contamination.

Also, fat reabsorption is inevitable which causes a necessity to inject fat again and again. Otherwise, the initial penis girth is what the patient will finally get.


It’s a type of cosmetic surgery that frees the lower abdomen from unwanted fat. After fat removal, the part of penis which was hidden before increases the entire penis length. In such a way, the penis can become longer by 2 cm.

The efficacy of all these surgical procedures is very questionable. Most probably, you will not get the results you expect.

Will There Be Scars?

The scars are almost unnoticeable and will not exceed one fourth of an inch since just a small-diameter cannula is required for the penis enlargement procedures. And the scar is typical located in the pubic area. It will be further hidden by pubic hair. In rare cases, a small incision may be required underneath the glans.

Women’s Attitude towards Penis Enlargement Products

The issue of taking male enhancement pills by their men is quite divisive for the majority of women. Wild libido and sexual exploits are not the most important things women expect from their partners. Your woman needs to feel your love first of all.

Women actually often worry about possible adverse effects which men may struggle with when taking male enhancers. They are doubtful about safety of such products. But even this is not the greatest matter of anxiety for women.

By their nature, women tend to take the necessity to use penis enlargement products as referring to themselves. It means they start thinking that it’s something wrong with them. Women simply lose faith in own beauty and attractiveness. They believe that it’s because of them the partners can’t attain strong erections and have low sexual vigor.

What is the solution?

Your task is to change your woman’s attitude toward the male enhancement pills you take to boost your male potency. Try to explain her that high libido and much sexual energy are not your primary targets.

The woman should know that your main goal is to improve your health and overall well-being. That’s why don’t conceal your man’s health problems if you want your woman understand and support you.

Honesty and patience are what you need when discussing the need for male enhancement products with your wife or girlfriend. Give your woman as much information about the particular penis enlargement product as you can. She should know that such pills are all-natural and science-backed. And of course, highlight that you care not just about sex, but about mutual relationship satisfaction.

How to Visually Increase Penis Size

There are actually two well-working non-surgical methods that will allow you to easily make your both flaccid and erect penis seem bigger. You have to:

  • Shave pubic area. There is no secret that pubic hair covers up the part of penis, visually decreasing its size. But the situation will positively change if you shave this hair. The hidden part of the penis will become visible. And you will immediately enjoy the increased penis size.
  • Get rid of unwanted pounds. Overweight men have a great opportunity to enlarge penis by losing extra pounds. Fat above the penis hides the base of the penis. If a man with excessive weight gets rid of about 30-35 pounds, he will reveal the actual penis length. In such a way, it’s possible to “make” penis 1-2 inches longer.



Male Extra

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About the Author:
Robert Dreyfuss, Director of Content at Men’s Answer, has researched over 300 penis enlargement pills, programs, extenders and creams. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

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