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Best Male Enhancement and Penis Enlargement Pills of 2018

Best Male Enhancement PillsThe market is flooded with different penis enhancement pills, promising to enlarge your penis.

And every year the manufacturers are launching more and more innovative pills.

Is it worth trying all the products?

Which male enhancement pills are the best-working ones?

How not to swallow the bait of the advertisers and scammers?

Don’t be afraid.

I will not leave you alone with these unsolved issues.

I am Robert Stempley.

Being an urologist with extensive experience, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in my realm. I want the men to be well informed about the existing male enhancement products.

So, reading my article, you will get to know how these products work, whether they are effective, which benefits they give, which side effects they may cause, and how to choose the most suitable options.

I have studied all the newest pills, which the manufacturers offer us, trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Relying on my knowledge and experience, I exerted every effort to understand which pills really can tackle the issue of penis enlargement.

By writing this article, my target is to recommend you the most trustworthy and safe pills.

As a result, you will be able to make a reasonable investment in order to get necessary results and improve your health.

3 Unbeaten Penis Enlargement Products

According to my own investigation, there are 3 first-class products which are almost equally potent.

They include Male Extra, Vig RX, and SizeGenix.

But the first one still a little bit stands out among the other products. Taking any of these supplements, you will experience positive changes in both penis size and sexual potency.

#1 Male Extra

penis enlargement pillsMale Extra is ranked first because it distinguishes itself from the competitors with the multifaceted approach to solving the male potency issues.

Numerous satisfied customers confirm the top-notch quality of the product.

The maximum single dose is 1,500 mg of the supplement.

The unbeaten product formula is stuffed with many highly potent active substances. Different studies support the use of these active substances.

Also, the manufacturer has carried out own research to prove the efficacy of the formula. It’s possible to get acquainted with the research findings on the manufacturer’s website. That’s why the men who purchase this product can be sure that it will really help them.

The supplement works by boosting libido, increasing sexual vigor, improving quality of erections, and enhancing sexual satisfaction. If you choose this product, you make a profitable investment in your sexual health.

#2 VigRX

VigRX is one more highly effective product known for its ability to perfectly enhance sexual potency in men. Carefully chosen active substances enable men to easily achieve their intimate goals.

Each active substance available in the formula was thoroughly investigated to prove its potential to fix erectile function.

The product is absolutely safe for men. It contains the active substances, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana Leaf, Saw Palmetto, Korean Red Ginseng, and Hawthorne Berry.

The single dose is usually 1,000 mg of the supplement. There is 200 mg of each active substance in each dose.

If you have ever dreamt of impressive erections, high libido, and complete bedroom satisfaction, then this product was invented right for you. VigRX supplementation is a great way to rebuild sexual self-esteem.

#3 SizeGenix

SizeGenix is another innovative product intended for penis enlargement. It means that during supplementation the size of your erect penis will exceed all your expectations.

You will experience substantially bigger and harder erections than you have ever had before. The erect penis size will no longer be a problem for you.

The supplement has a strong influence on libido in men. The availability of Muira Pama, Maca Root, and Tongkat Ali in the product formula gives this pleasant effect. L-Arginine which is also found in the supplement intensifies penile blood circulation.

So, the product will definitely give you more sexual self-confidence.

Quality Control Aspect

Once you have decided to purchase some pills to increase penis size, you should firstly take care of their quality. Your health will depend on this.

The matter is that even the intake of well-recognized pills may be accompanied with the adverse effects, such as:

  • Headache.
  • Gastrointestinal upset.
  • Sickness.
  • Faintness.

But poor-quality products of unknown origin may cause not only the abovementioned adverse effects, but also the life-threatening ones.

That’s because such products, which are usually the counterfeited ones, don’t comply with quality assurance requirements.

Strict adherence to high quality standards substantially reduces the risk that the supplement intake will negatively affect the customers’ health.

So, I advise you to be serious about the choice of the manufacturer if you want to enlarge your penis with the use of special pills.

Choose the manufacturer with a flawless reputation which can guarantee the top-notch quality of manufacturing process.

Mechanism of Action

There is a myth among men that the male enhancement products contribute to the penis growth when penis is in flaccid state.

Many men are convinced that these pills truly work like this.

But it’s a widespread misconception which you shouldn’t trust even if some dishonest manufacturers try to persuade you of this.

In fact, the pills have a multifaceted mechanism of action. They:

  • Widen penile blood vessels, ensuring better penile blood circulation.
  • Give a boost to testosterone synthesis.
  • Enhance sex drive.

penis enlargement

There is a diversity of pills which contain a range of the same active substances. It is not surprising since these active substances are backed with the favourable results of clinical trials.

That’s why these ingredients are sure to dilate blood vessels. The substantially increased blood supply leads to an erection and, hence, promotes penis enlargement.

You shouldn’t expect flaccid penis growth.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills – Male Extra


Male Extra is the ultimate male enhancement package designed to make you the best lover she ever had.

Increases Libido – the powerful ingredients of the pills are designed to boost your libido and provide raging erections.

Bigger Penis – Your dreams could soon come true. With Male Extra you can expect your penis to start growing within the very first week.

Solid Erections – Your erections will be so hard that you will feel like your penis is going to explode.Order Male Extra today – Your fantasy could become a reality.

Last Longer – With Male Extra you will not only have the extra libido to last longer, but you will soon be able to control ejaculation so that you can last as long as you want. You will be delivering porn star performances every time.

Better Lover – Apart from having a bigger penis, increased libido and harder erections, you could qualify for access to LoveCentria. LoveCentria is the ultimate online (and DVD) sex technique guide that will teach you advanced techniques in lovemaking. You will become the best lover she ever had.

(Read more about Male Extra)

How Does Male Extra Work

MaleExtra is essentially a male enhancement system that combines together an ultimate male enhancement pill formula and a penis enlargement system.

This two-pronged compact system ensures consumers of a dual action system that:

(1) First and foremost, provides your manhood its needs from within (i.e. increasing blood flow and promoting semen production)

(2) Second, provides sufficient training to provide significant changes in penis size, stamina, and overall sexual performance The MaleExtra enhancement system promises to:

• Grow your penis up to 3 inches in length and an inch in girth
• Achieve for you firmer, harder, bigger erections
• Increase your ejaculate volume by up to 5 times
• Provide longer, more powerful, mind blowing orgasms (even multiple ones)
• Give you more confidence in bed

How can MaleExtra provide all these benefits? It is the simplicity of the enhancement system that allows incredible results. The nutrients included in their formula have each been clinically proven to work in enhancing the proper blood flow in your body (and genitals), and improving libido, energy levels and sexual appetite.

(Read more about Male Extra)

Male Extra VS VigRX

The Male Extra male enhancement system is often compared with VigRX pills. This should not be surprising as these are two of the most popular male enhancement brands today. Both brands promise to enhance male sexuality in different areas including penis size, sex drive, ejaculate time and volume, erection quality, and overall male reproductive health.

What is interesting about these two male enhancement pills is that they actually come as a system. Your purchase would include access to a penis enlargement program which should be used alongside with the pills to enjoy faster, more optimum results.

It has been said that pills alone is not enough to physically grow the penis, which is the reason that prompted these two brands to include an enlargement program.

But how do these two supplement brands differ? If you were to make a choice, which one would you choose?

(Read more about Male Extra)

How to Prevent Impotence

What can you do in order to prevent erectile dysfunction? Impotence, or erectile dysfunction affects millions of men, especially those older than 40, but despite the fact that there are many effective treatments available today, prevention is still the best course of action.

Impotence can be caused by a multitude of diseases, disorders and physical injuries.

When it comes to the latter, there is a little a man can do if you get injured to the pelvic area, the penis, the groin, or a surgery damages your nerves and this leads to impotence, then all that is left is to find the proper treatment.

However, many of the other diseases and disorders can be avoided by adopting healthier lifestyle and balanced diet.

The main causes of impotence can be divided into physical and psychological and it has been proven that balanced nutrition, regular exercise, cigarette and alcohol free life, will greatly diminish the chance of experiencing erectile problems.

Male Extra Review – the Rescue

Male Enhancement Supplements

Lucky for me, Male Extra male enhancement pills was one of the products I ordered that day. It arrived first so I started taking it immediately.

All I knew about it was what I read on the Internet so I didn’t know if it would work or not. The website said it contained potent ingredients like Pomegranate, L-Arginine, Zinc, MSM, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. I learned that Pomegranate was known to boost your sex drive and help you stay hard for an extended period of time, kind of similar to Viagra but without the nasty side effects.

Like I said, I started taking pills the very day they arrived, although my lady was out of town for a few days at the time. It was funny but, during those nights she was gone, I would grow big and hard laying there thinking about her at night, which is something that never happened before. I was already amazed at the powerful effect Male Extra seemed to be having on me and I couldn’t wait for her to get back home to try it out.

Stellar Performance

The day she got home, I gave her a few minutes to get settled and then knocked on her door.

Remember, I had been taking my pills every day (not realizing I could have waited to take it when I needed it). When she opened the door, I swept her off her feet, took her to the couch, and started laying it on her. Her eyes grew big and a huge smile popped up on her face.

I amazed my own self that day because I delivered a performance she would not soon forget. Afterward, she wanted to know what happened to me and I told her nothing happened, that I just missed her while she was gone.

Doctors, Sex Therapist and The Media Have Been Lying To Us For Years!

The biggest lie that was ever told: “Penis Size Does Not Matter.”

Why did they lie to us? They lied to us to protect us and to keep men with small penises from developing inferiority complexes, depression and jumping off of bridges. And they did this because they truly believed that nothing could be done about it. They were ignorant of the truth!

But they were wrong there has been a way to enlarge a man’s penis for over a hundred years. It was just not common knowledge and is in fact a secret that very few men shared due it’s private and personal nature.

Does size matter? Of course it does!
If you don’t believe that size matters ask yourself the following question:

Does the size of a woman’s vagina matter to you?”

And you know the answer is Yes. If her vagina is too big it does not feel as good and if your penis is too small the same is true for her! So how could anyone even think that penis size does not matter!

Any woman who has ever been with a man who had a large penis will tell you that size does matter! The only people saying size does not matter are men with small penises and women who have never been with man with a large penis.

Recent Surveys Show That Most Women Are Not Happy With The Size of Their Lover’s Penis!

We already know that most men are not happy with the size of their penises and according to recent surveys most women are not happy with the size of their lovers penises either!

Why does size matter so much?

Size matters because a larger & thicker penis provides greater and deeper vaginal penetration and stimulation than a smaller one. It also causes greater stimulation of the clitoris by the clitoral hood do to the increased friction of the tighter fit which causes tugging on the outer vaginal lips or labia.

It looks better in the shower!” as the old cliché goes!

We as men know how important looks and visual stimulation are. In fact visual stimulation is so powerful that there is an entire porn industry built on it. And one Billion, yes that’s right one billion people watched the TV show Bay Watch. Why did they watch it? Because of the hot looking women and men on the show.

So you can understand that just like a girl with a hot body or with large breasts turns you on. The very sight of a larger penis is also more appealing and visually stimulating to women than a smaller penis is. In fact many women start to actually produce vaginal lubrication (get wet) just at the sight of a large penis!

In my online survey of over 10,000 women, most women said that while technique was more important than size they preferred a larger penis that was 5-6 inches around and over 7-9 inches long.

Being that I write about sex for a living I have had the occasion to talk to many women face to face about sex and I always try to ask about penis size and they always tell me of the time that they have been with a small guy that did nothing for them and most of the time they never saw him again. (Funny if we like a beautiful woman with big breasts it’s superficial, but if they want a big penis it’s not, sounds like a double standard to me)

If you have ever seen the look of disappointment on a woman’s face when she looks at a small penis or the smile she has when she sees a large penis on the man she is about to have sex with you’ll know that size matters!

Another thing that I learned from these women I have talked to and from my surveys is that women who have been with a larger man and then later have a lover with a smaller penis often complain that it’s just not the same and miss the full feeling that they had with the larger man.

The Bad News Is That Things Have Only Gotten Worse For The Little Guy!

Even though for years the media has been telling us that size does not matter and that there is nothing you can do about it. They are also making it more important these days to have a large penis. And devaluing men that don’t!

How is this happening? Look around and listen and you will see it everywhere!

It’s in songs, movies and every where! In one of Janet Jackson’s songs she say’s “I need 8 inches or more!” and in Methods of Mayhem’s Get Naked Little Kim Says “Under 7 inches, uhh sorry!”

And as song lyrics get more sexually explicit and since most artists don’t care who they offend anymore the TRUTH finally comes out!

If you go and look at a copy of Penthouse or Playgirl or any other adult magazine, video or web site almost every man in it has a large or huge penis. The reason for this is that in the adult industry they only use men that are very well endowed.

What this is doing is causing women to expect YOU to have a large penis as well because that is what they are use to seeing. This is especially true for younger women in their late teens because much of their first exposure to the male penis is through porn because is so readily available on the internet today.

By the time most young women with an internet connection are of legal age they have seen hundreds if not thousands of pictures of large male penises and men who can have sex for as long as they want. So naturally that is what she expects from YOU.

And then there are the racial stereotypes of Asian and Irish men having small penises and Black, Italian and Latin men having large penises. All of which can work against you if you have a small penis. Because you are either expected to be small or expected to be large even if you don’t measure up to your heritage.

I also found out that for many women 18-24 range (mostly college age) that being with a man with a large penis is a status symbol, just like it is for men to be with a woman with a great body. This in turn puts added pressure on women to choose men who are well endowed as lovers mates.

So if you’re the small guy your in trouble. The saddest part is that because many of these young women are still very emotionally immature they can be very cruel. I have had clients who have e-mailed me and told me that they have been with women that have actually laughed at them straight in the face when they saw their penis!

One client told me that the girl was so inconsiderate and cruel to actually joke and make fun of him with all of her friends and now he can’t even walk to class without being laughed at! (What goes around comes around! She will get hers, when her ass gets fat and her breasts start to sag! There is no reason for her to do that to him!)

Complete Male Enhancement Pills System Transformed my Life

When I first started with Male Extra male enhancement pills, I ordered the 1-month supply because I wasn’t sure it would work (I gave it a try because of all positive reviews I read on some reputable media sites). After experiencing astounding results, I went back to the official website to take a second look and decided to order the complete system which included pills, access to PenisHealth (online penis exercise program), and LoveCentria (online sex guide).

The penis exercises, paired with the pills, transformed my sex life even further and I’m now very active. I never realized before how much of a problem I had but now that I’m “normal,” I can look back and realize I should have been more concerned.

Update: The PenisHealth™ program is no longer offered as a free bonus. I see now they offer you Performer5 and Instant Performer pills as a free bonus. The in-depth research I did a week ago confirms both products work very well with MaleExtra pills. You can purchase the PenisHeath at the official site for $54.95 but honestly, i do believe you don’t need to. I did not tried Performer5 myself but I confirm Instant Performer does work like a charm.

The Amazing Benefits

Here’s a breakdown of just some of the improvements I noticed after using Male Extra’s complete system:

  • Greatly enhanced sex drive
  • Dynamic, throbbing erections
  • Increased stamina
  • Total control
  • Slightly Larger Penis (I’m still shocked over this one!)
  • Super-charged Self Esteem
  • Feeling of improved overall health and wellness

For those of you interested in ordering male enhancement pills, check out their website to see the amazing packages they offer. You can order a little or a lot but I can assure you that using their complete system (with all the bells & whistles) will knock your socks off!

Now, I’m not a public person & if it had not made such a huge difference in my life, I wouldn’t be speaking out like this. Looking back on my early years, I wish I could have realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t normal. If I had used this product back then, I would probably still be married and might even have children.

I’ve decided to write this review because these male enhancement pills rescued me from a desperate situation and helped me perform just as good as any other man. If not for them, I would have continued on my former path to a lonely existence.

They bestowed enough confidence in me to recognize that my young lady was not good to me.

They prompted me to move forward to better relationships that would not demean me. I gained enough confidence in myself to realize that I deserved a better partner.

It helped me change my life.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements: 2017 Reviews

Fenugreek is a natural testosterone supplements that mainly grows in Indian and Arabic regions. So, it’s no wonder that it has become widely used in the traditional herbal medicine of these regions. In particular, it was believed that this herb could enhance male libido and increase masculine energy. The Best Testosterone Supplements of 2017 – Lowest Prices naturaltestosteronepills.com.

Initially, people consumed fenugreek seeds in the form of pastes and curry powders which were added to food. But nowadays, it’s possible to find fenugreek extract in natural testosterone pills sold by many manufacturers. Mostly, you can purchase these natural testosterone pills online (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11701431).

Testosterone Booster – As men age, changes in their bodies occur. Its a normal process. Suddenly they lack the energy they once had, along with things like sexual drive and motivation. Improving sexual performance has always been a big issue. That’s why you’ll see so many energy drinks and supplements on the market today. Thanks to modern science, now we have a much better understanding of androgen-style hormones and how they work. As a result, we can now provide solutions to fight aging that were never before available.


What is the best testosterone booster on the market?

Testosterone Booster – These were first created for those suffering the effects of cancer or accidental castration. One of the by-products of this treatment is the development of more lean muscle mass. This attracted the attention of many professional athletes. Today, these testosterone treatments are now outlawed in the world of professional sports.

Testosterone Booster – This is due to the harmful side effects of steroid and testosterone injections. These include higher risk of kidney damage, testicular shrinkage and a noticeable increase of irritability. Men may also experience hair loss, acne and water retention as well as more serious conditions like hostility, depression and even the breast development.


The production of more estrogen is a disturbing side effect of this treatment. It can cause a whole lot of problems for men.