Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Is there a single impotence treatment that works for all men?

In this short article we will do our best to introduce you to the most popular and effective impotence treatments and all the provided information is as accurate as possible.

But just like with any other medical conditions the reader is strongly advised to seek professional medical advice before undertaking any of the mentioned erectile dysfunction treatments.

Despite the enormous success of the recently developed pharmaceutical impotence treatments and Viagra in particular, even today there is no one single and universal impotence treatment.

What works for one man might not work for another and this is mainly due to the fact that impotence can be caused by various different disorders and conditions.

1. Impotence vacuum pumps

Erection is achieved when blood flows to the penis and increasing the blood flow to that area is how all impotence treatments work. In the case of impotence vacuum pumps they simply suck out the air, which draws blood to the penis.

is male impotence curableImpotence vacuum pumps are mechanical or electrical devices and in many cases are used in conjunction with constriction rings, which serve to maintain the erection.

Even though penis pumps are quite effective many issues surround their usage – from the fact that fiddling with them while you are trying to have a sexual intercourse seems unnatural to the fact that their improper usage might cause bruises or hemorrhages.

Of course they have their advantages and by no means should be ruled out as an effective impotence treatment.

Impotence injections

Impotence injections are another popular impotence treatment that has been around since the early 90s.

Achieving an erection in this case is done by injecting the penis with various medications that cause the smooth-muscles of the penis to relax and that in turn results in better blood flow and strong erection. The result is usually visible in ten to twenty minutes after the injection and the erection can last for up to an hour.

Despite what many man fear, the impotence injections are done with ultra-thin needle which means that they are not painful at all; a few men (less than 3%) report moderate pain a few minutes after the initial injection, but penile injections are one really effective overall impotence treatment.

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Penile implants

Penile implants are extremely effective amongst men whose impotence is result of diabetes or prostate surgery and in such cases they work in almost 90% of the cases.

There are three different types of penile implants that work quite differently as well, but since inserting the implants into the penis requires surgery, it should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted.

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MUSE (Medicated Urethral System for Erection)

MUSE is a plastic device that is inserted in the urethra and that “shoots” alprostadil into the urethra.

This treatment is unfortunately only effective in 30% or so of all the cases and in many instances causes great deal of pain in the penis or the testes.

MUSE should only be considered after consultation of your doctor and the correct procedure of inserting the device should always be followed.

Since there are millions of men that suffer from impotence (erectile dysfunction) new and more effective treatments should become available in the very recent future, but for now even though the choice is somewhat limited, the reader should know that in most cases this condition can be treated successfully either with synthetic generic drugs, natural remedies, or any of the impotence treatments mentioned in this article.