Male Extra: Best Male Enhancement Pills Review

Male Enhancement Pills
Guess which pill I found to be the most effective penis enhancement pill on the market?

Read my personal male enhancement pills review to discover which penis pill I used to solve my embarrassing sexual performance problems with erectionsstamina, and low sex drive.

My Male Extra male enhancement pills Experience

Never did I think that I, of all people, would be sharing one of the most devastating & embarrassing situations of my life with thousands of men. After the ordeal I experienced, though, I would be doing you a great injustice by not telling my story.

If, after reading my story, you feel more optimistic about your own sexual performance problems, then I will feel my time here was well spent.

My Early Years

First off, let me explain that I’m a middle-aged man, not a young fellow. Although my sex drive has never been high, it didn’t cause significant problems for me until last year. I’m single, having been married once in my early twenties.

That marriage fell apart because my wife found another man.

Looking back on the situation now, I wonder if she left because of the sex (or lack of). She never mentioned it and I never thought much about it until recently. To tell the truth, it didn’t even dawn on me back then that we should be having sex more often than we did.

My Recent Predicament

Last year, I became involved with a lady (13 years my junior) who moved into the apartment next to mine. At first, we were merely good friends but, over time, our feelings for each other grew stronger and we became lovers. Male Extra, the best natural male enhancement pills to last longer in bed –

At first, everything was great.
Probably because of the newness of the relationship, I was able to keep up with her in bed.

Before long, though, I settled back into a pattern similar to the one I adopted in my marriage.

You might wonder if I was attracted to this young lady and the answer is yes.

She was incredibly pretty & had a remarkable figure!

I was attracted to her but after a while, that strong urge to have sex every day (or every week for that matter) left me. She was young, though, and not shy like my wife had been about expressing her disappointment over our sex life.

Worsening Problems

The more she fussed about our predicament, the worse our problem got.

Because I knew she expected a stellar performance in the bedroom, I became unable to “rise to the occasion.”

My problems soon became two-fold, rendering me unable to get hard very often AND unable to maintain my erection if I did get hard.

She kept insisting that I needed to find a solution if I wanted to keep seeing her. I don’t think she realized that her constant made my problem much worse. You wouldn’t believe how anxious and stressed out I became.

I didn’t want to lose this lady from my life. 

Now, I understand that most men would have left her right then and there but, for some reason, I fancied myself in love with this lady. I started searching in earnest for a solution. I did not want to waste time and money going to the doctor because all of my medical checkups had always turned out fine. No doctor ever discovered anything wrong with me. I didn’t have many male friends to ask about this so I started looking on the Internet. I did my research, read a bunch of reviews and testimonials, and after days of thinking and analyzing I found a male enhancement product that sounded promising but there were so many to choose from that I was overwhelmed.

I finally settled on a couple of things and placed my order.

Male Extra Review – the Rescue

Male Enhancement Supplements

Lucky for me, Male Extra male enhancement pills was one of the products I ordered that day. It arrived first so I started taking it immediately.

All I knew about it was what I read on the Internet so I didn’t know if it would work or not. The website said it contained potent ingredients like Pomegranate, L-Arginine, Zinc, MSM, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. I learned that Pomegranate was known to boost your sex drive and help you stay hard for an extended period of time, kind of similar to Viagra but without the nasty side effects.

Like I said, I started taking pills the very day they arrived, although my lady was out of town for a few days at the time. It was funny but, during those nights she was gone, I would grow big and hard laying there thinking about her at night, which is something that never happened before. I was already amazed at the powerful effect Male Extra seemed to be having on me and I couldn’t wait for her to get back home to try it out.

Stellar Performance

The day she got home, I gave her a few minutes to get settled and then knocked on her door.

Remember, I had been taking my pills every day (not realizing I could have waited to take it when I needed it). When she opened the door, I swept her off her feet, took her to the couch, and started laying it on her. Her eyes grew big and a huge smile popped up on her face.

I amazed my own self that day because I delivered a performance she would not soon forget. Afterward, she wanted to know what happened to me and I told her nothing happened, that I just missed her while she was gone.

Surprising Conclusion to My Story

Long story short here – I never had any more problems making love to my young lady-friend after that but I soon became disenchanted with her. Don’t get me wrong – she never complained about our love-making again because she had no reason to. Things were better sexually than ever but I started remembering all the misery she put me through and the nagging she had done with no regards whatsoever to my feelings. I broke it off with her just a few weeks after the memorable day of her arrival and never looked back. I would never have been able to forget how ashamed she made me feel so I knew our relationship would not work long-term.

A New Man

Nowadays, I am a changed man. One day I hope to find a special woman who will be compassionate, loving, and kind but, in the meantime, I’m having loads of fun while I wait. My newfound confidence inspired me to start exercising, eating right, and taking good care of myself. I’ve never felt better in my life.

Complete Male Enhancement Pills System Transformed my Life

When I first started with Male Extra male enhancement pills, I ordered the 1-month supply because I wasn’t sure it would work (I gave it a try because of all positive reviews I read on some reputable media sites). After experiencing astounding results, I went back to the official website to take a second look and decided to order the complete system which included pills, access to PenisHealth (online penis exercise program), and LoveCentria (online sex guide).

The penis exercises, paired with the pills, transformed my sex life even further and I’m now very active. I never realized before how much of a problem I had but now that I’m “normal,” I can look back and realize I should have been more concerned.

Update: The PenisHealth™ program is no longer offered as a free bonus. I see now they offer you Performer5 and Instant Performer pills as a free bonus. The in-depth research I did a week ago confirms both products work very well with MaleExtra pills. You can purchase the PenisHeath at the official site for $54.95 but honestly, i do believe you don’t need to. I did not tried Performer5 myself but I confirm Instant Performer does work like a charm.

The Amazing Benefits

Here’s a breakdown of just some of the improvements I noticed after using Male Extra’s complete system:

  • Greatly enhanced sex drive
  • Dynamic, throbbing erections
  • Increased stamina
  • Total control
  • Slightly Larger Penis (I’m still shocked over this one!)
  • Super-charged Self Esteem
  • Feeling of improved overall health and wellness

For those of you interested in ordering male enhancement pills, check out their website to see the amazing packages they offer. You can order a little or a lot but I can assure you that using their complete system (with all the bells & whistles) will knock your socks off!

Why I will always support Natural Viagra

Now, I’m not a public person & if it had not made such a huge difference in my life, I wouldn’t be speaking out like this. Looking back on my early years, I wish I could have realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t normal. If I had used this product back then, I would probably still be married and might even have children.

I’ve decided to write this review because these male enhancement pills rescued me from a desperate situation and helped me perform just as good as any other man. If not for them, I would have continued on my former path to a lonely existence.

They bestowed enough confidence in me to recognize that my young lady was not good to me.

They prompted me to move forward to better relationships that would not demean me. I gained enough confidence in myself to realize that I deserved a better partner.

It helped me change my life.

How to Prevent Impotence

What can I do in order to prevent impotence (erectile dysfunction)?

What can you do in order to prevent erectile dysfunction? Impotence, or erectile dysfunction affects millions of men, especially those older than 40, but despite the fact that there are many effective treatments available today, prevention is still the best course of action.

Impotence can be caused by a multitude of diseases, disorders and physical injuries.

When it comes to the latter, there is a little a man can do if you get injured to the pelvic area, the penis, the groin, or a surgery damages your nerves and this leads to impotence, then all that is left is to find the proper treatment.

However, many of the other diseases and disorders can be avoided by adopting healthier lifestyle and balanced diet.

The main causes of impotence can be divided into physical and psychological and it has been proven that balanced nutrition, regular exercise, cigarette and alcohol free life, will greatly diminish the chance of experiencing erectile problems.

1. Diet

This is probably the easiest way to improve your overall health and avoid developing some of the disorders that might lead to impotence. And it is much easier than most men believe.

The men that are health-conscious simply complain that they cannot follow every single diet fad, but all you have to do is:

  • increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits that you consume daily
  • cut down on the sugar and the “bad” carbs
  • replace the food rich on saturated fats with food rich on monounsaturated fats
  • keep a close eye on the calories.
  • Changing your diet requires very little research, some planning, and strong will and only a few weeks or months after you start eating healthier food you will look and feel great.

However, how will that help prevent impotence?

Impotence is caused by various kidney and heart diseases and they can easily be avoided or managed by adopting balanced diet. As a secondary effect, better diet will reduce the anxiety and the stress levels and thus reduce the chance of experiencing erectile problems.

2. Exercise

Men should exercise regularly no matter their age. During exercise the “happy” hormone called endorphin is released in the human body and this greatly reduces the stress and anxiety levels; regular exercise will also keep you healthy and will induce the production of testosterone, which improve the sexual libido.

What most men don’t realize is that they don’t have to purchase super-expensive equipment or join a gym, which can be time-consuming.

Fast walking up to five times per week for more than 45 minutes is likely to keep you in great shape, your weight down, and greatly improve your health.

3. Stop smoking

Smoking has been linked directly to impotence and if you experience any erectile problems you should quit right now. Read more about smoking and impotence here.

Today there are many products that can help you get rid of this bad habit from nicotine gums to patches, but you still have to make the effort; and once you stay cigarette free for a few months you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel.

4. Alcohol abuse

Numerous studies have shown that excessive consumption of alcohol can cause impotence! People that stick to a glass of red wine have nothing to worry about researches have shown that this is actually beneficial for your health and your sex life; however, using and abusing hard liquor, especially if you have problem with achieving an erection, should be stopped.

5. Use of illegal substances

  • barbiturates
  • methadone
  • amphetamines
  • marijuana
  • cocaine

are known to cause impotence; it is always advisable to seek professional help if you have addiction problems.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements: 2017 Reviews

Fenugreek is a natural testosterone supplements that mainly grows in Indian and Arabic regions. So, it’s no wonder that it has become widely used in the traditional herbal medicine of these regions. In particular, it was believed that this herb could enhance male libido and increase masculine energy. The Best Testosterone Supplements of 2017 – Lowest Prices

Initially, people consumed fenugreek seeds in the form of pastes and curry powders which were added to food. But nowadays, it’s possible to find fenugreek extract in natural testosterone pills sold by many manufacturers. Mostly, you can purchase these natural testosterone pills online (

Testosterone Booster – As men age, changes in their bodies occur. Its a normal process. Suddenly they lack the energy they once had, along with things like sexual drive and motivation. Improving sexual performance has always been a big issue. That’s why you’ll see so many energy drinks and supplements on the market today. Thanks to modern science, now we have a much better understanding of androgen-style hormones and how they work. As a result, we can now provide solutions to fight aging that were never before available.


What is the best testosterone booster on the market?

Testosterone Booster – These were first created for those suffering the effects of cancer or accidental castration. One of the by-products of this treatment is the development of more lean muscle mass. This attracted the attention of many professional athletes. Today, these testosterone treatments are now outlawed in the world of professional sports.

Testosterone Booster – This is due to the harmful side effects of steroid and testosterone injections. These include higher risk of kidney damage, testicular shrinkage and a noticeable increase of irritability. Men may also experience hair loss, acne and water retention as well as more serious conditions like hostility, depression and even the breast development.


The production of more estrogen is a disturbing side effect of this treatment. It can cause a whole lot of problems for men.